Kerala fishermen and the mobile phone

Traditionally, the Kerala fishermen would leave their home port and return with their catch to be bought by agents who would travel the coast to “aggregate” the catch. These agents dictated price and, the fish not sold would be wasted. Enterprising fishermen started to use mobile phones to check prices at the different ports along the Kerala coastline and then, started to auction their catch whilst still out at sea. Instead of landing their catch in the same place they now move to where the best prices are. The impact has been impressive. A 9% hike on revenues; zero waste and a 6% reduction in consumer prices.

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One Response to Kerala fishermen and the mobile phone

  1. Byron Song says:

    Congratulations on the new blog!
    This is a classic example of how communication technology changed business.
    My favorite example is the communication technology used 7000 years ago by the Sumerians: clay tablets. The Sumerians use clay tablets to stay in touch with their trading partners and keep track of what is being bought and sold. A trader would use a small clay tablet and a cleft stick to write down the numbers of cattle being sold. The partner at the other end would break the clay container to read the tablet and verify the number of animals that had been delivered.

    Today the rapid development in IT industry makes it possible to communicate to suppliers and customers around the world almost as easily as with suppliers and customers next door.

    Hard to imagine life without modern communication technologies.

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