Fruit Miles, Martin Kiszko

Boxes, punnets, packs and bunches,
Piles and piles of long-hauled fruit -
Flown en masse from other countries -
Stacked on supermarket shelves.

Medjool dates grown on the West Bank
Chilean cherries, Brazilian limes,
Californian pistachios, pomegranates, grapefruits,
Spanish sun-soaked clementines.

Columbian physalis, Italian kiwis,
Fresh strawberries from the land of the Nile,
New Zealand apricots, South American melons,
Jet-lagged bananas of the Windward Isles.

South African lychees, passion fruit, peaches,
Costa Rican pineapple, Portuguese pears,
Israeli Sharon fruit, oranges, lemons,
Red grapes, green grapes, golden plums.

The fruit is green but not its journey -
Miles and miles across the globe.
Only a bag of Cox's apples
Came from an orchard down the road.

From, Green Poems for a Blue Planet - with illustrations by Nick Park
AND, have a look at this - Takeaway Carbon 
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3 Responses to Fruit Miles, Martin Kiszko

  1. Hugh Marcy says:

    Carbon footprint, oh not so clear,
    Consume from home and do not fear!

    (Poetry never my long suit!)

  2. Neil Watson says:

    And most of the year the Coxes don’t come from down the road either …

  3. Fiona Tatham says:

    Went from this to the video link and then off to buy the book… Terrific stuff. Brings a smile to the topic and an accessible edge to the science. Will work so well in all sorts of places. What about something similar on the route to market …

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