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A History of the transformation of trade in 10 objects …

The BBC Radio 4’s history of the world in a hundred objects has captivated audiences worldwide with the story of humanity as told through the things we’ve made. Narrated impeccably by Neil MacGregor, the objects range in date from the … Continue reading

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Cotton, nature’s pig, and inclusive value chains…

Cotton is natures pig. Everything can be used. First off, the fibres. These soft white threads – over 80% of the world’s natural fibres – cover the seeds and are strong enough to deal with our sweat, the odd spillage of red … Continue reading

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Rural craftsmanship at the heart of sustainable development

In the BBC series Lost Kingdoms of Africa, Gus Casely Hayford highlights the ancient crafts of Benin with particular reference to the sophistication of process and design. Transformational Logistics supporters And Albert Foundation (AAF)has championed traditional skills in Africa for … Continue reading

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The And Albert Foundation and the Transformational Agenda

Today at the Mercure Hotel in Hull, inspired by David Murden of the And Albert Foundation, financed by the Rotary Club of Hull and East Yorkshire, Rotary International with close links to the Rotary Club of Tamale, Ghana and managed … Continue reading

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A taste of honey. Transforming an industry from bee to bottle

Jim Brophy taught me the importance of bees. Each morning, he would look to the hives – he had up to 30 – to check the weather. If the bees were out and about there would be no rain. After … Continue reading

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Process mapping and heritage crafts can teach us much more

Business is all about innovation and improving on an idea. This means mapping a process from start to finish; exploring ways to improve the route to market. In logistics and supply chain terms seek out ways to make supply chains … Continue reading

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African Woman Running Against the Wind

In the 13th century, the Edo people living in the Benin Region of present day Nigeria perfected techniques that created some of the most celebrated pieces in archaeology. In 1897 the Benin Bronzes were discovered and taken to the British … Continue reading

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Flower power transforming economies

Mayhews London Labour and the London Poor (1861) describes street folk of the fast expanding capital city with flower sellers as the “aristocracy” of the street; their elevated status due to a combination of wealthy clients and the need to … Continue reading

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Street markets are transforming the rules – informally

Kariakoo Market in Dar es Salaam is for locals, it is not the place for tourist trinkets. Since 1974, it has been a hub for local informal trade and with East and Central Africa. With daily business transactions of about … Continue reading

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Kakania and the challenge of local content

Kakania is a landlocked country in the developing world. Diotima is a traditional fishing village located close to Kakania’s biggest lake inhabited by 50 families; their cattle and, other livestock. The locals are content with their lot fishing and growing … Continue reading

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