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T L supporting the H L effort after the Emergency

Humanitarian Logistics and the Transformational Agenda after an Emergency.

There is more to any Humanitarian disaster than an immediate RESPONSE. It is not earthquakes that kill people – it is buildings; and so, many countries make themselves more RESILIENT to disaster ensuring that building standards can withstand geo-meterological threats … Continue reading

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Queensland could transform our view of commodities

Today, the world is facing natural disasters on an unprecedented scale: more than 255 million people were affected by natural disasters globally each year, on average, between 1994 and 2003. During the same period, these disasters claimed an average of … Continue reading

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Pakistan: After the floods and the rubble is cleared away

The worst floods in Pakistan’s history have affected at least 14 million people. Some 1,500 people have been killed to date; 1.4 million acres of crop land has been flooded; 10,000 cows killed; roads and power supply networks have been … Continue reading

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Further thoughts on T L and Humanitarian Logistics

Humanitarian Logistics relates to aid after natural and man-made disasters as well as emergencies caused by war. It operates in a destabalized context that is “clearly unpredictable, turbulent and requiring flexibility” (Oloruntoba and Gray, 2006). This is a highly fragmented … Continue reading

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Transformational Logistics and the Humanitarian effort

For many, Logistics has been the Cinderella of the Business World; far too often seen as no more than a support function for sales, marketing and production. This view has been transformed with technology and, globalisation. As Martin Christopher makes … Continue reading

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Haiti and the informal response …

During the 14th century Gutenberg’s printing press was given a major boost from a sudden surplus of rags that could be re-cycled and used to make cheaper paper to meet the growing demand for knowledge from Renaissance man. The Black Death (1348-50) had swept … Continue reading

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Haiti: Back to the Future …

A busy weekend listening to the BBC World Service; reaction to the Post below; skype calls and dialogue about the Logistics dimension to this Haiti tragedy that is taking death to industrial proportions. The whole disaster is exposing a raw debate on how … Continue reading

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Haiti and a logistics hell …

If ever the world needed reminding of the importance of Logistics then, Haiti has been a brutal wake-up call. Media coverage of the earthquake and the after shocks has generated graphic illustrations of shattered buildings; wrecked infrastructure and, thousands of … Continue reading

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Human Rights and the Business Agenda

Sixty years after the United Nations signed the Declaration of Human Rights, meetings were held in Paris during December 2008 between UN officials and Business Leaders to explore ways to widen the scope of the Human Rights agenda. In an … Continue reading

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Learnings from Humanitarian Logistics

Today Africa is divided into forty-six states, more than three times the number in Asia (whose land surface is almost 50% larger) and nearly four times the number in South America.[i] These boundaries cut through 177 cultural areas and this … Continue reading

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