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The And Albert Foundation and the Transformational Agenda

Today at the Mercure Hotel in Hull, inspired by David Murden of the And Albert Foundation, financed by the Rotary Club of Hull and East Yorkshire, Rotary International with close links to the Rotary Club of Tamale, Ghana and managed … Continue reading

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Building on the Wilberforce Anti-Slavery Movement legacy today

Last week, I met with a number of Groups working together on the Wilberforce legacy from the Hull Freedom Centre – a community centre in East Hull, England. Several groups are working on a variety of initiatives geared to promote … Continue reading

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Transforming lives and business practice in Kenya

This last week the BBC has run a series of programmes on Africa’s Lions – the growth opportunities that are opening up all over that vast continent. I was struck by the youth in abundance but the need for education … Continue reading

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Seb Huizeling of Aston University interviews Rob Bell about TL

Before his talk to students at Aston University, Rob Bell was interviewed by Seb Huizeling, a third year student at the University. This is an uncut version of the interview. It covers a number of key definitions and ideas. Thanks … Continue reading

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Transforming Pakistan. An interview with Mike Whiting.

As with Russia and soon on Iraq, the T L Blog is moving to feature a series of Country Profiles followed by an Interview with someone on the ground. Here, we build on the recent Post on Pakistan with Mike … Continue reading

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Transforming Russian Logistics. An interview with Arseny Yershov …

Over the next few weeks, the Transformational Logistics Blog will be upgraded to incorporate a number of new features. We will be including a series of Interviews with players in the field and here, we start with an interview with … Continue reading

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CII Logistics Summit, October 2009, Chennai

In a speech on the Skills Gap and Manpower training at the CII Logistics Summit 2009, Rob Bell spoke of the elephant in the room. He was referring to the tendency to ignore those who live and work in the … Continue reading

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Keynes had this to say …

Ideas, knowledge, science, hospitality, travel – these are things which should of their nature be international. But let goods be homespun whenever it is reasonably and conveniently possible and, above all, let finance be primarily national. Yet, at the same time, … Continue reading

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Robert Burns and the Slum Dog World

The Mexicans say that you die twice; first when you stop breathing and second, when people stop talking about you. January 26th, 2009 marks the 250th Anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns and with 80,000 members of Burns clubs … Continue reading

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