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Greening the supply chain

From supply chains all about take, make and throw away to sustainability

The UN Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru from the 1 to the 12th December is all about how best to adapt to the mounting facts – a change in the climate is taking its toll. Take a look at … Continue reading

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Bikes don’t grow on trees. They do now …

Years back I asked my Father for a bike and, in a homily that introduced the idea of the Saturday job, he told me that they didn’t grow on trees. They do now. On the outskirts of Lusaka in Zambia next years … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Bridges

Two old engineers were talking of their lives and boasting of their greatest projects. One of the engineers explained how he had designed the largest bridge ever made. “We built it across a river gorge,” he told his friend. “It … Continue reading

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Food Prices are only part of the story

The cost of food is rising worldwide and food riots were a feature of the 3 F’s (Finance; Fuel and Food) in 2008, from Italy to the developing world. The benchmark food price index (FAO) rose 25 between December 2011 … Continue reading

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Light manufacturing in Tanzania and beyond

Skills has to be seen as key in any focus on sustainable growth and, as with the example from Sri Lanka and the German led vocational skills centre Tanzania is exploring the same agenda. The World Bank has just produced a … Continue reading

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Is jugaad enough to transform the energy shortages?

Years ago I worked in Moscow and was amazed at how many “Remont” or repair shops there were and, how many women carried empty shopping bags – just in case. Making do was a way of life in Soviet times … Continue reading

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Fruit Miles, Martin Kiszko

Boxes, punnets, packs and bunches, Piles and piles of long-hauled fruit – Flown en masse from other countries – Stacked on supermarket shelves. Share this:

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Water and the transformational agenda

Swaminathan’s much celebrated Tamil play Thaneer Thaneer (Water, Water – 1981) is about a remote village in rural India, facing severe water shortages. All their efforts to deal with the issue are met with no more than the indifference of … Continue reading

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Transforming waste in the supply chain

Last week, Wiseman Dairies, who control one third of the milk market in the UK announced a serious profits warning; their bottom line will be reduced by £7 million less this year and £16 million next. The shareprice fell to … Continue reading

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A look at profitable, sustainable and ethical global logistics

??Earlier today, Rob Bell spoke at the University of Hull Logistics Institute Conference on Profitable, Sustainable and Ethical global logistics. Opening with highlights from the recent Three F’s Global crisis – Food; Fuel and Finance – he went on to … Continue reading

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