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A History of the transformation of trade in 10 objects …

The BBC Radio 4’s history of the world in a hundred objects has captivated audiences worldwide with the story of humanity as told through the things we’ve made. Narrated impeccably by Neil MacGregor, the objects range in date from the … Continue reading

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Process mapping and heritage crafts can teach us much more

Business is all about innovation and improving on an idea. This means mapping a process from start to finish; exploring ways to improve the route to market. In logistics and supply chain terms seek out ways to make supply chains … Continue reading

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Kakania and the challenge of local content

Kakania is a landlocked country in the developing world. Diotima is a traditional fishing village located close to Kakania’s biggest lake inhabited by 50 families; their cattle and, other livestock. The locals are content with their lot fishing and growing … Continue reading

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Fresh fish sold here. A historical perspective on supply chains in frontier markets

Over the past few years I have worked on a variety of supply chains in far flung places: Moscow in the transition years looking to build a series of distribution networks; India and the Rushikonda fishing community; Zambia and herdsmen … Continue reading

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Time to transform Logistics and Supply Chain thinking and practice?

In a matter of weeks, a little known economist based at the Paris School of Economics has moved from obscurity to rock star status. Thomas Picketty’s Capital (655 pages) has created a storm: Martin Wolf of the Financial Times called … Continue reading

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Rob Bell’s Talk at Aston University 25th March 2014

This is an uncut workshop session with Masters students from Aston University. CLICK HERE Many thanks to the invitation to speak from Dr Aristides Matopulos. Share this:

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Talks on the Brands New World …

This month Rob Bell, founder of the Transformational Logistics Blog, is giving talks on “the Brands New World” at Business Schools across the UK. Starting with Durham and moving on to Hull; Aston; Sheffield and Aberdeen Business School Rob Bell … Continue reading

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The Trade not Aid debate continues

The literature on Aid and the plight of those in poverty is extensive with Paul Collier (2007) identifying four “traps” to blame for the misery of “the bottom billion”. Conflict, natural resources (too many or too few), being landlocked with … Continue reading

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Northern Gateways: the Humber Mersey trade corridor looking to link with other trade corridors worldwide.

The UK is suffering from a significant South North divide. Measured in health, culture as well as economic prospects, London and the South East has all the characteristics of a different – more prosperous – country. This is exacerbated by … Continue reading

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From historical Slave Trade Route to modern day Trade Corridor

With Oscar nominations galore, Steve McQueen’s film 12 Years A Slave is sure to make the headlines and the focus will be back on the slave trade in all its sordid detail. Working with And Albert Foundation, the Transformational Logistics … Continue reading

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