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Winning the Lottery. Oil and Ghana’s transformation

This week in the UK, news of a £90 million Lottery win launched a media frenzy and a barrage of questions about what the winners would do with the cash – keep the day job or, go shopping? In 2007, Tullow Oil … Continue reading

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The United Nations MDGs and Logistics …

In 2000, 189 countries adopted the United Nations Millenium Development Goals (MDGs). The idea was that developed and developing nations alike would work together to reduce global poverty by 2015. Eight key goals were agreed. We are now halfway towards … Continue reading

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Kerala fishermen and the mobile phone

Traditionally, the Kerala fishermen would leave their home port and return with their catch to be bought by agents who would travel the coast to “aggregate” the catch. These agents dictated price and, the fish not sold would be wasted. … Continue reading

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Logistics and the informal market??? What’s new???

Informal markets are gathering momentum as a pressing agenda for Policy makers; Marketeers; Town Planners; anyone who is serious about 75% of the world’s population. Now for Logistics and how it can learn from and / or transform the informal … Continue reading

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