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Bikes don’t grow on trees. They do now …

Years back I asked my Father for a bike and, in a homily that introduced the idea of the Saturday job, he told me that they didn’t grow on trees. They do now. On the outskirts of Lusaka in Zambia next years … Continue reading

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Plug in and … hope for the best.

On the dining room table a candle burns, the house is silent and yet, this is far from romantic. It is a weekday morning in Chennai, South India and the computer on the table is running out of battery; all … Continue reading

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Fruit Miles, Martin Kiszko

Boxes, punnets, packs and bunches, Piles and piles of long-hauled fruit – Flown en masse from other countries – Stacked on supermarket shelves. Share this:

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Water and the transformational agenda

Swaminathan’s much celebrated Tamil play Thaneer Thaneer (Water, Water – 1981) is about a remote village in rural India, facing severe water shortages. All their efforts to deal with the issue are met with no more than the indifference of … Continue reading

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Transforming the eco-system of logistics

Ever since 2006 on India’s National Day, the 26th January, the Future Group’s Big Bazaar superstores hold the Big Sale – Sabe Saste Din – and thousands of items are priced, in the words of one advert, as “cashews for … Continue reading

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Transforming waste in the supply chain

Last week, Wiseman Dairies, who control one third of the milk market in the UK announced a serious profits warning; their bottom line will be reduced by £7 million less this year and £16 million next. The shareprice fell to … Continue reading

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A look at profitable, sustainable and ethical global logistics

??Earlier today, Rob Bell spoke at the University of Hull Logistics Institute Conference on Profitable, Sustainable and Ethical global logistics. Opening with highlights from the recent Three F’s Global crisis – Food; Fuel and Finance – he went on to … Continue reading

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Plastic turns the corner?

In the 1968 film The Graduate, a young character fresh out of College, played by Dustin Hofmann, emerges from the pool in his diving suit and flippers to be given advice on his future. “I just want to say one word … Continue reading

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Flower power transforming economies

Mayhews London Labour and the London Poor (1861) describes street folk of the fast expanding capital city with flower sellers as the “aristocracy” of the street; their elevated status due to a combination of wealthy clients and the need to own … Continue reading

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Finding the energy to transform our way of life

As the media builds up to the Policy fest on Global warming in Copenhagen; T L has been trawling through the inspirational story of a place that is doing something about it – Las Gaviotas, Columbia. Since the 1940s Columbia has been … Continue reading

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