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Transforming the BoP agenda

It was Franklin D. Roosevelt who referred to “the forgotten man at the bottom of the economic pyramid” in a radio address in 1932, but the late CK Prahlahad who brought it into the business arena with his book the … Continue reading

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GST can be the catalyst to transform Indian logistics

In an interview with the Indian Economic Times [03/03/12] Marc Llistosella, CEO of Daimler Commercial Vehicles (India), made it clear. His company would support a hike in diesel prices and an increase in excise duties on diesel vehicles. In other … Continue reading

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MBA students session on Transformational Logistics at AMET University, Chennai, India.

Earlier today, Rob Bell gave a talk on the International Logistics scene to Faculty and MBA students at AMET  University and, moved to a discussion of Transformational Logistics and the Indian logistics and supply chain landscape. The session opened with … Continue reading

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Transformational capitalism

He sold fruit on the streets of Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia; operating from a vendors cart on two square yards of public space and had to pay bribes to work undisturbed. That day, 17th December 2010, there had been an argument … Continue reading

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Transformational logistics means building inclusive value chains …

Fields, Factories and Workshops (1899) was written by the Anarchist Prince, Peter Kropotkin but it was not written for an exclusively anarchist audience. Made up of a series of articles, he explores alternatives to the crowded cities; the sweatshops and … Continue reading

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Skills at the heart of the village

“Only when the villages prosper”, said Mahatma Gandhi, “can India truly prosper”. Amidst the bustle of the big cities and the drive to transform the Young Republic of India into a global superpower it is easy to forget the villages role in … Continue reading

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The case for inclusive growth

As Chinese factories close, the post Tiananmen Square “growth pact” between the government and citizens is fraying at the edges. Shutting factories and unemployment was not in the equation. And the power of disaffected people is clear in a democracy too. Take the … Continue reading

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