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The Delhi Mumbai Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC)

The building of Regional powerhouses creates world class infrastructure and, accelerates industrial clusters and specialisation. However, there is an impact on the Informal Economy. The Delhi Mumbai Dedicated freight Corridor is another case in point.[i]   Share this:

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Aakash transforming livelihoods

Aakash is a hindi word meaning “sky or “ether”. It is a word that will become better known. Now, it is the brand name for an Android-based tablet computer produced by the British company Datawind and manufactured by the India … Continue reading

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CII Logistics Summit, October 2009, Chennai

In a speech on the Skills Gap and Manpower training at the CII Logistics Summit 2009, Rob Bell spoke of the elephant in the room. He was referring to the tendency to ignore those who live and work in the … Continue reading

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Transforming deities …

So there we are in a village in Tamil Nadu when someone asks the question what is logistics? How can it transform our lives? As ever, we search for a bit of local context to make the point …   Hinduism has … Continue reading

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Transforming the Leather industry in India

Elsewhere, we have looked at the carpet industry and the workings of informal sector producers with the formal retail economy. See Post below. Let’s consider Leather in India. Of 6.6 million metric tonnes of leather produced worldwide in 2004, Developing countries generate … Continue reading

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Beyond the Last Mile …

Clearly, the Last Mile video (see below) has struck a chord in many places all over the developed, fractured and emerging world. Many thanks for the comments. More has to be done on infrastructure. However, several commentators stress that this is only … Continue reading

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Hygiene and the informal economy

Florida has an ideal climate to retire to and, with tourist magnets like Disney World at Orlando, to chill out in. This makes for high demand on the hospitality and service sector in general and this in turn drives a … Continue reading

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Mobile phones and economic transformation

According to Informa (November 2008) there will be 4.81 billion mobile phone subscribers by 2012. Emerging markets will generate 60% of this total and the next billion users will be won by those companies who can offer services that will … Continue reading

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The Last Mile

One of the biggest challenges in any emerging or fast growing economy is infrastructure. The Chinese have been superb at this. For example, the Pearl River Delta story starts with building up the clusters that delivered the roads, the railways … Continue reading

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Production in the Informal economy

There are villages of West Bengal where the rural economy hinges on one or other particular activity. One cluster of craftsmen churn out wigs, another lights, another polo balls, another boats and another jeans.[i] Porter (1998) defined clusters as “critical … Continue reading

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