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The World Bank Logistics Performance Index 2010 and Transformational Logistics

The World Bank LPI (Logistics Performance Index) 2010 has just been released. This snapshot of selected performance indicators in nearly 130 countries demonstrates clearly the correlation between logistics performance and sustainable economic growth. This year, the analysis of this bi-annual … Continue reading

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Human Rights and the Business Agenda

Sixty years after the United Nations signed the Declaration of Human Rights, meetings were held in Paris during December 2008 between UN officials and Business Leaders to explore ways to widen the scope of the Human Rights agenda. In an … Continue reading

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Informal realities …

The informal economy is no small constituency. According to Hernando de Soto’s research the informal economy over the past 40 years has generated US$10 trillion of wealth, a value nine times greater than all bilateral foreign aid and forty times … Continue reading

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Beyond the Last Mile …

Clearly, the Last Mile video (see below) has struck a chord in many places all over the developed, fractured and emerging world. Many thanks for the comments. More has to be done on infrastructure. However, several commentators stress that this is only … Continue reading

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Production in the Informal economy

There are villages of West Bengal where the rural economy hinges on one or other particular activity. One cluster of craftsmen churn out wigs, another lights, another polo balls, another boats and another jeans.[i] Porter (1998) defined clusters as “critical … Continue reading

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The informal market has much to offer

A fresh perspective is needed to see emerging markets referring not only to a growing economy but to a new kind of economy based on information, technology and knowledge. And the same applies to the informal economy where a more … Continue reading

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The informal economy and legal constraints

As De Soto’s work illustrates, restrictions on economic activity imposed by the bureaucracy and the sheer inertia of the formal banking and legal communities make any scale up into the formal sector all but impossible. In a widely cited experiment, … Continue reading

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TVEs (Township and Village Enterprises) in China

Chinese growth strategies since the Deng Xiaoping opening up initiatives in the 1970s feature an emphasis on the Ports and their hinterland. This has led to uneven growth and, the evolution of TVEs has been seen as a means to … Continue reading

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Exploring the synergies between the informal market and the formal economy

Recent thinking looks beyond polarised notions of completely divorced Formal and Informal sectors. Many studies explore in greater detail those instances when the informal and formal economy, combine and complement each other.   Share this:

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Let’s start with the informal economy

Before we move to the role of Logistics both within and between the informal and formal economy, we need to acknowledge and understand the roots of the informal and formal concepts in the first place and use this as a … Continue reading

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