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World Underneath … Castells & Portes

Appearing in The Informal Economy (1989) this article: World Underneath: The Origins, Dynamics, and Effects of the Informal Economy – has a number of insights worth consideration. The informal economy simultaneouslyencompasses flexibility and exploitation, productivity and abuse, aggressive entrepreneurs and … Continue reading

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On the outside looking in …

  Emile Zola’s novel Au Bonheur Des Dames (The Ladies Paradise) tells the tale of Denise Baudu, a simple girl from the Provinces who moves to late 19th century Paris in search of a better life. This intricate tale is … Continue reading

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Tuna fishermen – Esperance, Western Australia

The small scale tuna fisherman from Esperance, Western Australia were losing their livelihoods to bigger more organised tuna factory ships. They were not considered of a sufficient scale for Development Funds and even the smoking equipment had been confiscated because … Continue reading

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Kerala fishermen and the mobile phone

Traditionally, the Kerala fishermen would leave their home port and return with their catch to be bought by agents who would travel the coast to “aggregate” the catch. These agents dictated price and, the fish not sold would be wasted. … Continue reading

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