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The World Bank Logistics Performance Index 2010 and Transformational Logistics

The World Bank LPI (Logistics Performance Index) 2010 has just been released. This snapshot of selected performance indicators in nearly 130 countries demonstrates clearly the correlation between logistics performance and sustainable economic growth. This year, the analysis of this bi-annual … Continue reading

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The World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index and other measures revisited…

“How long is a piece of string?” I asked a physicist. Suddenly, the concept of measurement triggered mention of a ratio of quantities; quantum’s collapse of the wave function; fractals, lasers and elusive accuracy. We settled on what mattered most. The same goes for Logistics … Continue reading

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Improving Supply Chain Energy efficiency. What happens to the Majority World?

McKinsey have published an important insight into increasing the energy efficiency of supply chains. Starting from the fact that 15 million barrels of oil per day – that’s 20% of total production – is used to move things around globally, the study … Continue reading

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Is Corporate Social Responsibility enough?

Years ago I ordered a dish of Norweigan wild salmon from the menu of a swish Restaurant in London. The plate arrived and my friend, a keen angler, examined the fish and called for the waiter. “Has this salmon ever … Continue reading

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World Development Report, 2009

WDR 2009 – Reshaping Economic Geography – highlights that whilst Global Economic Growth will be unbalanced; development can still be inclusive. The Report focusses three key urban development issues density, distance and division and demonstrates how these spatial dimensions play a crucial … Continue reading

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Human Rights and the Business Agenda

Sixty years after the United Nations signed the Declaration of Human Rights, meetings were held in Paris during December 2008 between UN officials and Business Leaders to explore ways to widen the scope of the Human Rights agenda. In an … Continue reading

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The World Bank, the Logistics Performance Index and the informal economy

We have touched on the MDGs and asked the question whether enough is done to integrate Logistics into the effort. The World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index has many of the answers and the LPI framework is a clear indication that improving … Continue reading

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The United Nations MDGs and Logistics …

In 2000, 189 countries adopted the United Nations Millenium Development Goals (MDGs). The idea was that developed and developing nations alike would work together to reduce global poverty by 2015. Eight key goals were agreed. We are now halfway towards … Continue reading

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A view of the world in numbers …

The US National Intelligence Council (NIC) has presented a view of the world that is in stark contrast to that of recent years. Predicting a world with multiple sources of power and emphasising the need to deal with diversity, the Report highlights the … Continue reading

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Cost of Living Dar es Salaam

Slum dwellers in Dar es Salaam pay the equivalent of £4 for 1,000 litres of water bought over time and by the canister. In the same Tanzanian city, wealthier households connected to the municipal supply pay just 17p. In the … Continue reading

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