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GST can be the catalyst to transform Indian logistics

In an interview with the Indian Economic Times [03/03/12] Marc Llistosella, CEO of Daimler Commercial Vehicles (India), made it clear. His company would support a hike in diesel prices and an increase in excise duties on diesel vehicles. In other … Continue reading

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Finding the energy to transform our way of life

As the media builds up to the Policy fest on Global warming in Copenhagen; T L has been trawling through the inspirational story of a place that is doing something about it – Las Gaviotas, Columbia. Since the 1940s Columbia has been … Continue reading

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The perishable supply chain

Have you ever wondered about how Italian ice cream was invented – before electricity? Or, the significance of eggs at Easter? Ice cream reaches back in time to the Egyptians; the Mughals and 5th century Greeks with their snow mixed … Continue reading

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Improving Supply Chain Energy efficiency. What happens to the Majority World?

McKinsey have published an important insight into increasing the energy efficiency of supply chains. Starting from the fact that 15 million barrels of oil per day – that’s 20% of total production – is used to move things around globally, the study … Continue reading

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From street markets to digital bazaars

Back in soviet times when the economy was fixated on heavy industrial goods consumer items reached their market by word of mouth and demand aggregated to prioritise supply below the radar of the State. Cuba with its vast underground of unlicensed products … Continue reading

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Skills at the heart of the village

“Only when the villages prosper”, said Mahatma Gandhi, “can India truly prosper”. Amidst the bustle of the big cities and the drive to transform the Young Republic of India into a global superpower it is easy to forget the villages role in … Continue reading

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Human Rights and the Business Agenda

Sixty years after the United Nations signed the Declaration of Human Rights, meetings were held in Paris during December 2008 between UN officials and Business Leaders to explore ways to widen the scope of the Human Rights agenda. In an … Continue reading

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Let’s look at carpets …

Text books are fond of linear supply chains that move in a logical flow from concept to consumer; cow to fridge (dairy); from a sketch to the clothes rack (textiles) and, from a bauxite mine to the fridge (coke). Process mapping … Continue reading

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Nine Jumbo Jets fall out of the sky every day …

In other words, 4,300 children die of diahorrea every day – which is second only to pneumonia and more than deaths from measles, malaria and HIV combined. The trouble is that Jumbo Jets falling out of the skies and photo … Continue reading

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Switching from China …

At least 35 per cent, or $400 billion worth of goods, that are sourced from China could shift to countries such as India, Thailand, Vietnam among others over the next 10 years, according to a study by US-based retail and … Continue reading

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