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Skills and performance improvement

In 2004 Mark Warschauer (University of California) published research that focussed less on infrastructure and more on the ability to use equipment. There are many other examples of this area of research and these insights open up a major debate … Continue reading

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Mobile phones and economic transformation

According to Informa (November 2008) there will be 4.81 billion mobile phone subscribers by 2012. Emerging markets will generate 60% of this total and the next billion users will be won by those companies who can offer services that will … Continue reading

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Production in the Informal economy

There are villages of West Bengal where the rural economy hinges on one or other particular activity. One cluster of craftsmen churn out wigs, another lights, another polo balls, another boats and another jeans.[i] Porter (1998) defined clusters as “critical … Continue reading

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Latin America and distribution systems

Navigating the Latin American distribution systems is equally complex. The retail market is estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2010 and the channel structure is changing constantly on the way. Currently, the informal economy remains the most important channel for … Continue reading

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Tuna fishermen – Esperance, Western Australia

The small scale tuna fisherman from Esperance, Western Australia were losing their livelihoods to bigger more organised tuna factory ships. They were not considered of a sufficient scale for Development Funds and even the smoking equipment had been confiscated because … Continue reading

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e Choupal builds market access in rural areas

Imagine that you are a farmer with rain fed fields in the middle of a dry spell. You would value information on the weather but can rely on no more than intuition. ITC, one of India’s leading groups with a … Continue reading

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