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Bikes don’t grow on trees. They do now …

Years back I asked my Father for a bike and, in a homily that introduced the idea of the Saturday job, he told me that they didn’t grow on trees. They do now. On the outskirts of Lusaka in Zambia next years … Continue reading

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Transforming the skills agenda in Emerging and Developing markets

Years back I worked on a project at British Steel, Ebbw Vale, Wales. At that time, British Steel employed over 200,000 people all over the UK and as the weeks went by it became clear that few people on site … Continue reading

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The skills agenda. Should 11 year olds learn to play violin on a Stradivarius?

Earlier today, Rob Bell spoke at the launch of a Supply Chain Training technologies unit at the Logistics Institute at Hull University Business School. His theme was skills… Opening with a photo of Marianne aged 11 he spoke of her … Continue reading

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From street markets to digital bazaars

Back in soviet times when the economy was fixated on heavy industrial goods consumer items reached their market by word of mouth and demand aggregated to prioritise supply below the radar of the State. Cuba with its vast underground of unlicensed products … Continue reading

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Skills at the heart of the village

“Only when the villages prosper”, said Mahatma Gandhi, “can India truly prosper”. Amidst the bustle of the big cities and the drive to transform the Young Republic of India into a global superpower it is easy to forget the villages role in … Continue reading

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Indian street food bites back …

For those of you who wince at the thought of street food anywhere – how about transforming your perception by eating your way along the buzzing streets … of India? Share this:

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Skills transform economic, social and environmental outcomes

The great Brasilian photographer, Sebastiao Salgado, compiled a book of photographs featuring workers all over the world – Trabajadores. Vivid images of thousands of unskilled workers clambering up the side of an open mine, others tethering flimsy bamboo scaffolding to the sides … Continue reading

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Skills and performance improvement

In 2004 Mark Warschauer (University of California) published research that focussed less on infrastructure and more on the ability to use equipment. There are many other examples of this area of research and these insights open up a major debate … Continue reading

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