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Cotton, nature’s pig, and inclusive value chains…

Cotton is natures pig. Everything can be used. First off, the fibres. These soft white threads – over 80% of the world’s natural fibres – cover the seeds and are strong enough to deal with our sweat, the odd spillage of red … Continue reading

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A taste of honey. Transforming an industry from bee to bottle

Jim Brophy taught me the importance of bees. Each morning, he would look to the hives – he had up to 30 – to check the weather. If the bees were out and about there would be no rain. After … Continue reading

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Second hand supply chains …

Economic cycles are well documented and this recession could be digging the foundations of new business models in the emerging world. Consider the second hand supply chain … Share this:

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Open source and the transformation of supply chains

Global media coverage often identifies the source of the current Recession as greed. With the seeming bonfire of bonus driven vanities, public questionning of values could add fresh impetus to alternative, more communal open source projects such as Linux, Wikipedia and beyond. This sharing … Continue reading

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And then there was Zara …

Learn Spanish and any textbook will tell you that there are four seasons and, for a long time clothes retailers went the same way. Fashion retailers all over the world prepared the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter collections with design and colour … Continue reading

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Let’s sponsor a supply chain

Supply chains compete not companies is an insight from Professor Martin Christopher that T L uses as a fundamental principle. On the one hand, this means that no company stands alone and partnerships become the norm as non core activities are … Continue reading

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This is an assault course not a supply chain

Benin produced 600 metric tonnes of food in 2008; 200,000 less in 2007 and 1 million less in 2005. And yet, as Jean Prosper Koyo, UN Food & Agriculture Representative in Benin points out: “Everyone is focussed on production but there … Continue reading

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Can multi-modal mean more than trucks, trains boats and planes?

“If somebody bought it; somebody brought it” said my Yorkshire born Uncle when I told him that I was working in Logistics many years back. I had become an ardent advocate of the new rocket science and such common sense … Continue reading

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Transforming the Leather industry in India

Elsewhere, we have looked at the carpet industry and the workings of informal sector producers with the formal retail economy. See Post below. Let’s consider Leather in India. Of 6.6 million metric tonnes of leather produced worldwide in 2004, Developing countries generate … Continue reading

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