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A History of the transformation of trade in 10 objects …

The BBC Radio 4’s history of the world in a hundred objects has captivated audiences worldwide with the story of humanity as told through the things we’ve made. Narrated impeccably by Neil MacGregor, the objects range in date from the … Continue reading

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Traditional supply chains mean business too

Global business is under pressure with sluggish growth or recession in the developed world and huge potential in emerging and developing markets demanding the infrastructure and skills to deliver sustainable growth. There are industries led by MNCs (Multi National Corporations) … Continue reading

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Transforming the logistics and supply chain agenda

On February 18th 2011, Belgium – not used to being world champions at much – took the title from the Iraqis to break the modern world record for the longest period without a government; 220 days after last years June … Continue reading

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Dabawallas keep supply chains simple

On Monday near Church Street, Mumbai I met one of my supply chain heroes. He is a member of a team that has been invited to Prince Charles wedding; lauded by Bill Clinton; followed by Sir Richard Branson and accorded … Continue reading

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From mine to mall or mayhem. Thoughts on the Diamond supply chain …

Angadia, in Gujurati, means “one who carries valuables” and ever since the time of Emperor Akbar, angadias – couriers before the term was invented – have moved diamonds from Surat to Mumbai for export onto the world diamond market. These days, a … Continue reading

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